Musician for The Creepy Cretins, Guest
First Appearance

Vlad is a Goth Rock musician and the leader of the band The Creepy Cretins.


  • Vlad utilizes a trick as part of his stage act where he uses customized contact lenses that appear to swirl and turn red, which he used to "mesmerize" Fin and Emma when he first met them at the staff house.
  • He refused to enter the staff house when he attempted to follow the girls in. Reef originally assumed that Vlad could not enter because he had not been invited in (because he thought at first that Vlad and the rest of The Creepy Cretins were vampires), but Vlad later revealed that he did not enter simply because of the staff house's decrepit state inside.
  • He was the only member of the band to talk in the show.
  • In addition to being the leader, he appears to be the most popular member of the group.



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