The Vintage Surfboard Tour storage van.

The Vintage Surfboard Tour is a collection of vintage surfboards in a storage van taken all over the world. Every board is famous and priceless. The tour is run by Kai but his father owns the whole operation.

Known Boards

  • Mark Hoe
  • Sinowa Beache
  • Eddie Haiku
  • Greg "the Bulldog" Smith
  • Jesse Oki
  • Duke Hamilton (later destroyed)


  • The Duke Hamilton board was destroyed by a shark in its debut.
  • The Duke Hamilton board was the most valuable board in the tour.
  • The Duke Hamilton board is a spoof on the father of modern surfing, Duke Kuanimuku (he had a huge longboard like that one in this episode).
  • Jesse Oki is Broseph's hero.
  • This event was originally to have taken place at the Wahlei Grand Hooly Hooly Milton before Lo picked the event up from them to bring to Surfer's Paradise.


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