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September 10, 2009
  • I live in Ultra Hi-Tech Paradise
  • My occupation is Techo God
  • I am Rational Mastermind, Promethean, Super Genius, Intellectual, Academic, Techno and Ultra Elite

About Me

I am a fan of Stoked, since Stoked aired on July 16, 2009 on Cartoon Network in the USA. I have never really surfed, might be fun to give a try, if I am ever in California. I live in the Nevada Desert, not much of a chance to surf, unless I go to a lake and if there are waves large enough to even surf. I also have Zero Tolerance for inappropriate content on stoked wikia and others similar in nature. In case anyone wants to know I am not a real General, it is just screen named that I came up with, it is a federal crime to impersonate an officer. This is by far my most favorite wikia and the one I have made the most edits to. I am a boy incase anyone wants to know. I am the third admin behind Surfer13 and SPFan909. I also write Stoked fanfiction on as Commander Plasma, I am currently on Hiatus, because of work.

Stoked canon pairing I support

  • Reef & Fin (Makes an interesting couple, contrary to what I first believed.)
  • Ty & Emma (Emma still has feelings for Ty and Johnny and Emma went out and it did not work out)
  • Baumer & Kelly (Kelly, the only girl for Bummer)

Stoked canon pairing I do not support

Stoked canon fanfiction pairing I support

  • Tommy and Lo (Tommy is my fanfic OC)
  • Broseph and Emily (Emily is my fanfic)

Stoked Fanfic OC biographies (My fanfic OC)

  • Name: Tommy L.J.K Williamson
  • Age: 16
  • Job: Maintenance Engineer
  • Gender: Male
  • Hair: Jetblack, Recon, Crew Cut
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Physical: 6'2", 190lbs, lean muscular build (slightly more muscular then Reef), Complexion (similar to Lo's)
  • Surfing Skills: 10 (is a famous surfer)
  • Birthday: July 23
  • Status: Grom (was a Senior at Surfer's Haven Resort)
  • Stereotype: Unknown Classification

Favorite Character

  1. Lauren "Lo" Ridgemount
  2. Fin McCloud
  3. Emma
  4. Reef
  5. Johnny
  6. Broseph
  7. Wipeout the Orca Mascot of Surfer's Paradise Ridgemount Resort
  8. Snack Shack
  9. The Kahuna
  10. Rosie
  11. Tyler "Ty" Ridgemount
  12. Sonny
  13. Buster
  14. No Pants Lance
  15. Ripper
  16. The Cockatoo
  17. Mr. Ridgemount
  18. Mrs. Ridgemount
  19. Mr. Grizzle
  20. Unknown Female Surfer
  21. Tropical Tan Models
  22. Unknown Pirate Ship Worker
  23. Stone Seabreeze
  24. Armpit
  25. Reef's Mom
  26. Andrew "Bummer" Baumer
  27. The Creepy Cretins
  28. Unknown Blonde Girl

Favorite Character

  1. Lo Ridgemount
  2. Fin McCloud
  3. Emma

Least Favorite Characters

  1. Kelly
  2. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin
  3. Todd Marvin
  4. Mark Marvin
  5. Erica and Brianna
  6. George Ridgemount
  7. Grommet
  8. Captain Ron
  9. Captain Clam
  10. Tuna McGillis
  11. Shep
  12. Shep's Friends

Other Wiki's

Favorite Pages

  1. Lo Ridgemount
  2. Fin McCloud
  3. Emma
  4. My Fanfic Profile
  5. Emma-Lo Friendship
  6. Fin-Lo Friendship
  7. Lo-Everyone Relationship

Stoked Radio (Favorite Songs)

  1. Chasing Satellites by Hello Operator
  2. Untouchable by Luna Halo
  3. Hypothesist by Novillero
  4. So Lo So Hi by The Presidents of the United States of America
  5. Going Bye Bye by The Dirty Tricks
  6. Boulevard by The Dirty Tricks
  7. Season Tickets by The Dirty Tricks
  8. Everything by Morgan Mayer
  9. Average Girl by Morgan Mayer
  10. Give In by The Hundreds and Thousands
  11. All Alone by The Hundreds and Thousands
  12. Stoked Theme Song
  13. Dear Maria, Count Me In by All Time Low 
  14. First Date by The Fleshtones
  15. Say Hello by The Know How
  16. We Are by Tupelo Honey
  17. Ccut Up by Duchess Says
  18. Let The Games Begin by Anarbor 
  19. You and I by Anarbor
  20. The Killer by Mobile
  21. Tomorrow Starts Today by Mobile
  22. Acropolis by Ellegarden
  23. Alternative Plans by Ellegarden
  24. Fire Cracker by Ellegarden
  25. Cryin Shame by The Happy Problem
  26. Happy Happy Happy by The Problem
  27. All Alone by The Hundreds and Thousands
  28. Give In By The Hundreds and Thousands
  29. Long Live the Weekend by The Living End
  30. Sushi by Kyle Andrews
  31. Party People by Winter Gloves
  32. Hit or Miss by Porter Hall
  33. Monkey Mask by Meligrove Band
  34. Touch the Ground by Whereabouts
  35. Don't Box Me In by Nyki Lindsay King
  36. The Stars on 11 by The Yoko Casionos
  37. A Little Faster by There for Tomorrow
  38. Surfer Girl by The Fabs
  39. Let's Do This Again by Markattack

Favorite Episodes

Sorry I do not have any favorite Episodes, I like all Episodes.

  1. Welcome to Paradise, Dudes!
  2. Another Grom Bites the Dust
  3. Board and Confused
  4. Take your Kook To Work Day
  5. Waves of Cheese
  6. The Very Very Very Very Very Important Guest
  7. Hang 9
  8. Fast Times when the Rip Tide's High
  9. Reef And That Evil Totem
  10. Charging into the Night
  11. O Broseph, Where Art Thou?
  12. Reef, Broseph, and Emma's Totally Stupid Adventure
  13. Boards of Glory
  14. Groms Gone Wild
  15. Chum Music
  16. Penthouse of Horror  
  17. Mr. Wahine
  18. Grand Theft Whale Bus
  19. A Boy Named Leslie
  20. Who Knows What Evil Lurks in the Heart of Clam?
  21. Slumber Party Animals
  22. Endless Bummer
  23. Brofinger
  24. A Prank Too Far
  25. The Pirate who Came to Lunch
  26. The Day The Sea Stood Still
  27. The Make-Out Fake-Out* (* Have not seen)
  28. Surf Surf Revolution*
  29. The Captain, The Grom, His Job and Her Dream*
  30. Will the Real Broseph Please Stand Up*
  31. I Like Beaver Butts and I Cannot Lie*
  32. Sick Day
  33. Channel Surfers
  34. Grommy the Vampire Slayer
  35. Grumpy Old Brahs* (Seen part of it on youtube)
  36. Hunka Hunka Burning Reef
  37. The Boardy Brotherhood*
  38. Safety Last*
  39. Clinging in the Rain*
  40. My Fair Leslie
  41. Browatch*
  42. Bad Sports*
  43. (500) Days of Bummer*
  44. The Reefinator*
  45. Dirty Little Secret, Nerdy Little Secrets*
  46. Sweet, Sweet, Meat Cheat*
  47. To Catch a Reef*
  48. Surfer's Got Talent*
  49. Groms on Strike*
  50. Heartbreak Hotel*
  51. All We Are Saying is Give Reef a Chance*
  52. Grom Fest*

Lo Quotes

  • Lo: It's too bright!
  • Lo: It was just a little party. It will all be cleaned by the time they get home.
  • Lo: See what?
  • Lo: Oh no. Oh no no no no no no no! (Lo's iPhone rings, she picks it up)
  • Lo: Hey. Can't talk right now. Is there any way Dad won't find out about this? (Lo sighs and grabs a piece of pizza)
  • Lo: (Phone rings, Lo pulls away the phone) Please don't answer it!
  • Lo: Nothing, Daddy. I just had a few friends over, no biggie.
  • Lo: No! Daddy, you know how the camera adds ten pounds? Well, it also adds ten teens for every one that was actually there.
  • Lo: (To herself) Is that my Jeep?
  • Lo: Please Rosie, will you help me clean up the condo? By the time they get home, everything will be perfect.
  • Lo: They were? Oooh, he's cute! (Ty turns off the TV) Hey I was watching that!
  • Lo: That's what the rest of the staff is for, I'm already on it.
  • Lo: Your new roommate, Lo! Other room smells like skunk!
  • Lo: I only had to come from the penthouse!
  • Lo: Not very long! My dad went outer limits about my party and is like, trying to teach me a lesson or something. I'm totally cut off! He's actually making me work in the dining room.
  • Lo: I know, right? So it's cool if I crash here?
  • Lo: It's a long story!
  • Lo: So, Daddy's not mad at me anymore, is he?
  • Lo: What do you know?
  • Lo: Uh, is that my Yummy Couture track suit?
  • Lo: Aren't you supposed to be taller?
  • Lo: Oh, it's okay, I've learned my lesson about respecting money and stuff and I'm ready to come about up to the penthouse.
  • Lo: Okay okay okay okay, right after breakfast.
  • Lo: Him! Eww!
  • Lo: Daddy was just tryin' to make a point. (Points to her left eye) When he's really mad, his eye twitches.
  • Lo: Hey, if you're not too busy minding other people's business, can I get an egg white omelet, thanks?
  • Lo: Daddy, I can't! Have you seen the staff-
  • Lo: Okay okay, you could let me finish my basket.
  • Lo: Just picking up a new hoody?
  • Lo: (On her iPhone) Yes it's hard, and my manager Kelly is so annoying! And she wears way too much makeup!
  • Lo: I won't be here long! I have a way out of this job!
  • Lo: I don't feel so good!
  • Lo: It's either the chicken pox or the measles or something worse and way more contagious.
  • Lo: You mean the AV club president? Ty is obsessed with making surf videos! He wants to make a career out of it or something. He's such a nerd!
  • Lo: Because if you bail you're gonna get worked hard!
  • Lo: Okay, that's a hot one! Little hotter! Ow, ow, ow! Those are way too- (Sees Kelly) Oh, crud!
  • Lo: You asked him to show it?
  • Lo: Wow, you're kind of obsessed with this whole Reef stealing lines thing.
  • Lo (teasingly): Whatever, you totally looove him, you want to marry him and have, like, a hundred of his surfer baaabies!
  • Lo: You wanted to kiss him, admit it!
  • Lo: Wow that was almost convincing!
  • Lo: Emma, we have to fix this, it's my ticket out!
  • Lo: Duh, I got my learner's permit two weeks ago! (After stopping Mr. Stevens)
  • Lo: Mr. Stevens, don't go!
  • Lo: I've got it, once we get that good review daddy will be so happy he'll have to let me back in the penthouse.
  • Lo: (About the plate) Sashimi Supremi!
  • Lo: Mr. Stevens left, this is terrible!
  • Lo: No! Poor me! He'll get fired and get to leave! But a bad review means that I'm stuck working here!
  • Lo: I know how to fix this! Ladies, let's roll!
  • Lo: I hate this job! Do you see what the humidity in the staff house did to my hair?
  • Lo: Fin, this is serious!
  • Lo: (Whispering) That's the best room in the hotel! After Daddy's penthouse!
  • Lo: If this were a real ship, I'd drown myself by now.
  • Lo: She said a bird, not a turd!
  • Lo: Who ordered the Thai Spring Roll?
  • Lo: You made me bring this out to you! Like I don't have enough to do without serving your troll butt!
  • Lo: Doesn't Thai food give you the runs?
  • Lo: Poor little guy! He's very self conscious! (Lo eats one of the rolls and walks away)
  • Lo: Eww, that's kind of gross!
  • Lo: (After Reef Splashes water on her) Thanks!
  • Lo: Can you believe Fin and Reef haven't kissed yet?! So impending!
  • Lo: Hey there!
  • Lo: Am I what?
  • Lo: Okay, so that means no-
  • Lo: So just the two of them! I can handle that!
  • Lo: Oh no! I have to watch them!
  • Lo: I remember!
  • Lo: Right!
  • Lo: Hmm... Wait here, don't move! (Runs to the DR for Emma) Emma! Help!
  • Lo: What do you do with kids?
  • Lo: Great idea, and I can work on my tan!
  • Lo: I don't know... (walks over to Reef and starts flirting with him to demonstrate) but your hair is lookin' so good today, handsome!
  • Lo: (To Reef) Daddy hears about this, I'll be stuck in the staff house until I'm 20!
  • Lo: Oh, that's too bad! By the way, you're out of conditioner.
  • Lo:
  • Lo: Morning, family! Hey Daddy, I—(Emma grabs Lo's arm)
  • Lo: Oh, I'm just gonna suck up to him for a minute!
  • Lo: (Laughs and grabs a muffin) Nice one! What's hashing on Daddy's mellow today?
  • Lo: (Reading the paper) Surfer's Paradise came in second! (Gasps) Captain Ron's came in first!
  • Lo: Regatta, Mom! They've been competing since I was little at everything. Tennis, Swimming, the Stock Market, how many kids they have!
  • Lo: Every year for the last eight years, we've been number one on that list.
  • Lo: I might have a way! The Staff Tandem Surf Contest is usually right after the top ten, isn't it?
  • Lo: Don't worry, Mom! We're going to win it this year and I'm gonna make sure of it. Eww! This has, like, no blueberries!
  • Lo: (Watching Reef and Fin wipe out) Oh, that wasn't good!
  • Lo: Guys, this is your competition from Captain Ron's team, Betty Sandstone and-
  • Lo: You two know each other?
  • Lo: Ya think? Dislocating a girl's shoulder is definitely not the way to impress her! Now what are we going to do?
  • Lo: We're not disqualifying ourselves! We'll have a replacement by Saturday and they'll be awesome! Okay, we have to find another girl! I'd do it but I'm ineligible, plus I need both my arms to dry my hair.
  • Lo: (Sighs) I was so close!
  • Lo: Johnny, garden duty is mashing my manny, look!
  • Lo: Too bad for you! My guy's awesome!
  • Lo: Sure, Stone Seabreeze!
  • Lo: So you heard of him?
  • Lo: Seriously! When have I ever lied to you guys? He's a total sweetie! I meet him last year when he stayed at the resort!
  • Lo: We want to keep on the down low! Stay out of the tabloids!
  • Lo: Yes, yes and yes! Come on guys! I don't want to brag about Stonie! It kind of cheapens our thing, you know?
  • Lo: This is so humiliating
  • Lo: (To herself) You've got to be kidding me!
  • Lo: (Laughs nervously) Surprise!
  • Lo (taking out her touchscreen cell phone): I'll settle this. Oh, great Ouija Phone, is Reef's head truly made of chowder?
  • Lo: You're dressing like a girl to beat Fin in the Battle of the Betties!
  • Lo: You need to definitely work on your look, even a blind judge wouldn't think those were real.
  • Lo: Oh sweetie, no beauty and no brains! Come on, time for a man makeover.
  • Lo: No it's not, you look good.
  • Lo: No way, that's one of my faves.
  • Lo: Eww, like I'd wear it again after it held your junk.
  • Lo: You better win!
  • Lo: Now you're just creeping me out.
  • Lo: Anyone going to the beach bash!
  • Lo: Eeee!
  • Lo: Yay!
  • Lo: Cool, then you can drive all of us!
  • Lo: They're in the bus!
  • Lo: Wow padded foot rest, sweet!
  • Lo: Totally so there!
  • Lo: Check!
  • Lo: Who cares, as long as he can move luggage!
  • Lo: Woah (puts arm on Reef's shoulder), Johnny front desk guy, taking one for the team.
  • Lo: Oh, yeah.
  • Lo: Ok, think of the bikini, think of the bikini.
  • Lo: (Holds up her left leg) See this cute anklet, brought with my maid money, two more shifts and I'll have enough cash for this really cute bikini in the gift shop, it's all about motivation.
  • Lo: Eww who showered here?! (Holds up a brush with hair) Sasquatch! (Disgusted) Oh I miss being rich. (Lo's iPhone rings.) Hi Daddy. (Hangs up) Great! "That was his I mean business voice." (While srubing the tube) Can this day get possibliity get worst? (Holds up a brush with more hair and vomits.)
  • Lo: Hi daddy, so how about that
  • Lo: (Confused) OK?
  • Lo: (Excited) Shut up!
  • Lo: (Hugs her dad) Thank you daddy!
  • Lo: Guess what?! I'm going back to the penthouse, eeeeee!
  • Lo: Totally, he had some kind of near death experince, major change of heart, realizing the importance of family, blah, blah, blah, but I really wasn't paying attention, but what's really important, is I don't have to work here anymore.
  • Lo: (Puts her arm on Emma's shoulder) Don't worry will still stay hang out, just not in this dump.
  • Lo: Don't worry the luxury life won't change me, once a grom, always a grom.
  • Lo: Call ya later, from my roof top whirlpool hot tub.
  • Lo: I'm back baby!
  • Lo: (Watching Ty spill the salt shaker) So got you! Ha!
  • Lo: I thought it was funny. (Laughs at Ty's failure to dislogde the ketchbottle)
  • Lo: Kind of!
  • Lo: (Honks the horn) Hey guys miss me?
  • Lo: (Sees her friends are not happy) What's wrong?
  • Lo: (Gasps) Oh, I know what will cheer me up, shopping spree! (Drives off)
  • Lo: (To Emma) I'll have a chicken ceasar and a bottle of your best mineral water.
  • Lo: (Emma not herself) Emma what's wrong?
  • Lo: It'll pass. So we're on for the beach rager for tonight, right?!
  • Lo: I'm staff!
  • Lo: Why?! Just because I have them fired at a moments notice.
  • Lo: (Slams her fist on the table) Fine, if that's how its gonna be, I'll hang with my old BFF, (Pulls out her iPhone) now what was her name again?
  • Lo: (After hearing Mr. Ridgemount) Daddy?!

My Contributions

Lo, Fin and Emma Pics

  • Nice smile
  • Cute smile
  • Shh, Lo is sleeping
  • Aww, how cute
  • Uh oh
  • Oooh, so cute
  • Aww, super cute
  • Aww, Lo has cute hair and is cute
  • Nice hair, Lo
  • Wow, Lo is shocked
  • Even with messy hair, Lo is cute as ever
  • Aww, Lo's seems frighten
  • Hmm, looks tasty, Lo
  • Cute close up
  • Oooh, cute
  • Aww, be nice to Lo
  • Favorite pic of Lo
  • Still cute
  • Lookin' good, Lo
  • So fake, Lo is not even really into Reef
  • Wow, still cute, Lo
  • Aww, Lo and Emma are so cute
  • Another fave pic of Lo
  • Awesome pic of Lo
  • Nice simle
  • Aww, so cute
  • Aww, Lo's crying
  • Still lookin' good, Lo
  • Breath Lo, Breath Lo
  • Aww, so fake, but Lo looks really cute
  • Ooooh, how cute
  • I'll play with you Lo
  • Oooh, another nice close up of Lo
  • Awesome close up of Lo's cute face
  • Broseph doesn't look very happy
  • No Lo and Broseph
  • Broseph better make Lo happy
  • Lo is so happy
  • Oooh, Lo's eyes are closed
  • At least Lo's happy
  • Lovin' Lo's smile
  • I love seeing Lo happy
  • Shh, Lo is sleeping, don't disturb her
  • Lo is so happy
  • Ooooh, nice close of Lo in her cute new hoody
  • Oooh, she has really cute hair and still is cute
  • No, Lo about to wipeout
  • Aww, poor Lo
  • You'll make it through the summer Lo
  • Even though Lo is angry, she still is really cute
  • Oh no, Lo's in trouble
  • Oh no, Lo
  • What are you thinking Lo?
  • Stoked Cast with Lo chillin' on her jeep
  • Take cover Lo
  • Yeah right, Lo and Reef
  • So mean and messed up
  • Using Reef as a humun shield, nice
  • Lo seems really scared
  • Aww, Lo's not happy
  • Get her Lo
  • Look out Lo
  • Aww, poor Lo
  • Lo doesn't look very happy
  • Oooh, Lo is really cute in this one
  • Lo takin' charge
  • Oooh, cute Lo looks hot in her bikini
  • I'll protect you Lo
  • Oooh, Lo's bad girl side
  • No Reef and Lo, No Lo and Reef
  • Aww, how cute, Lo and Emma huggin'
  • Lo lookin' pretty hot in this one
  • Ooooh really cute
  • Wow, Lo is really tan and still cute
  • Aww, Lo's crying again
  • Awesome shot of Lo in her bikini
  • Lo and her mom
  • Oooh Lo is lookin' hot but she's not happy
  • Yay, Lo's ok
  • Lo tryin' to get Fin jeaslous and her cute face
  • Lo is not happy with the STOKE
  • Lo Ridgemount
  • Oooh, Lo'a bad side
  • Lo smilin' has a seagull poops on reefs head
  • Stoked main cast with cute Lo smilin'
  • Aww, look how happy Lo is
  • One of Lo's faves is shopping
  • Poor Lo, Lo looks way hotter in a maids outfit
  • I Really Love Lo, but no Lo and Reef
  • Aww, Lo's not happy, looks cute in a maid outfit
  • Aww, Emma is so mean to Lo
  • Aww, Lo is so cute in her bikini
  • Yay, Lo won
  • Aww, Lo's tired
  • Awe man, there's more, you can do it Lo
  • Uh oh, so busted
  • Awesome, Lo's happy and cute
  • Aww, Lo is sad, I hope she doesn't start crying
  • Aww, Lo is sad
  • Run Lo, Run Lo
  • Aww, Lo is so happy and cute
  • That's Lo, always textin'
  • Yay, Lo's happy
  • Oooh, nice bikini choice Lo, you'll look so hot
  • Awe man, Lo's busted
  • Lo and the other characters
  • Lo is lookin good in Blarie's blue dress
  • Aww, poor Lo, eating nas stuff food
  • Awe man, Lo doesn't get to go to Cabo
  • Aww, Lo's crying again
  • Aww, so cute, but Lo's not happy
  • Oooh, Lo is really happy on her staycation
  • Aww, Lo's welcoming her family back from Cabo
  • Aww, Lo is so happy
  • Aww, Lo doesn't know
  • Aww, Lo is surprised
  • Two of my favorite girls (Emma and Lo).
  • Two of my favorite girls (Fin and Lo)

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