The Whalebus is a shuttle bus and the prime way to get around Sunset Beach and, by extension, Sunset Island itself--according to the Kahuna (the primary bus-driver), the Whalebus is the only taxi on the entire island. It's a stylized Wipeout Whale (with floral shorts), and its interior contains red velvet seats. It also fires water out of its spout when stopping to pick up workers/tourists.


  • It is operated by the Kahuna.
  • When stopping it sounds like an actual killer whale.
  • It is a custom-built bus, either a minibus or midibus.
  • Its make and model are unknown.
  • It has padded footrests, reclining seats and overhead compartments with food, drinks and specially-made pillows called "Chillows."
  • It has easy-open bags of peanuts that are for the guests and when the groms eat them, Bummer takes it really personally.
  • It was driven by Johnny and Snack Shack in "Grand Theft Whale Bus."
  • It has a video display showing the resort, narrated by Bummer.
  • Kahuna broke the bus's CB-radio in "Charging into the Night," but it appears to have been fixed by "Grand Theft Whale Bus."


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