Klaus and Marco, the German twins are two male German brothers who came to stay at Surfer's Paradise only because they thought it was a nudist hotel.

Physical Appearance

Klaus is light-skinned, and has an light orange mustache. Marco is brown-skinned, and has a dark drown mustache.


  • Thanks to Reef (who was trying to pull a scam to attract more female tourists), they thought Surfer's Paradise was a nudist hotel.
  • They enjoyed being naked, much to the guests' and Bummer's horror, until they felt embarrassed upon learning that Surfer's Paradise wasn't a nudist resort, and changed into their swim trunks.
  • Bummer upgraded them to the Royal Suite (where Fin, Lo, Emma, and Mrs. Ridgemount had been only a few minutes earlier) to get them away from other guests.
  • Reef, Broseph and Johnny got "Skin Scare" from seeing them naked.



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