The Surfer's Paradise video is an informational video about the resort with the same name.


Version 1 (Made circa 2008)

Appeared: "Welcome to Paradise, Dudes!"

This version shows a younger Broseph surfing the waves close by the resort. It explains the hotel's features at the time, before the theme of Wipeout was introduced.

Version 2 (2009)

Appeared: "Welcome to Paradise, Dudes!" (indirectly mentioned)

  • Never seen, but it is mentioned by Johnny that they make one on an annual basis.

Version 3 (2010)

Appeared: "Grand Theft Whale Bus"

  • Heard not seen, features Bummer.

Version 4 (2011?)

Appeared: "Who Knows What Evil Lurks in the Heart of Clam?"

  • This one was supposed to feature the groms surfing, but due to sabotage by Captain Ron's employees, it was an Internet sensation of idiocy.

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