The Surf Code is a code all surfers supposedly know. One of the main aspects of the Surf Code is that a surfer must never "drop in" on, or cut off, another surfer while that surfer is in the middle of surfing a wave. Dropping in on another surfer is a serious breach of surfing etiquette and can make a pariah out of the offending surfer among his peers if he persists in such behavior.


  • In "Take Your Kook to Work Day", Emma's fling Shep and his friends violate the Surf Code by hogging all the waves and repeatedly cutting Emma and her friends off and making them wipe out while surfing; this happens after Emma innocently invites Shep to see the Office and then he subsequently invites the other kooks to crash the Office and ruin it for everyone else with their kookery.
  • In "Reef, Broseph, and Emma's Totally Stupid Adventure", an errant surfer violates the Surf Code by cutting off Fin while she is surfing, earning him a rebuke when Marshall catches him.
  • In "Grumpy Old Brahs", Reef violates the Surf Code by dropping in on Fin, Broseph and Emma as each is in the middle of surfing a wave, which causes Fin to chastize Reef (who, as expected from him, cluelessly brushes off his actions as if he had done nothing wrong).
  • In "Will the Real Broseph Please Stand Up", Noah Little (who is masquerading as "Broseph" to get into character for his upcoming movie) violates the Surf Code several times by cutting off numerous surfers and causing them to wipe out, while the real Broseph ends up taking the heat for Noah's behavior.

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