Sunset Beach is the fictional beach and associated town where Surfer's Paradise Ridgemount Resort is located in British Columbia, Canada.

The Beach

Like all beaches, Sunset Beach has boardwalks, lifeguard towers and, of course, sand.

Buildings on the beach

  • Lifeguard Towers
  • Concert Stage
  • Storage Building

The Town

The town is also called Sunset Beach. It has a few shops, stores, and a movie theatre.

Known businesses/monuments in town


  • In Total Drama Action Episode 26, "The Aftermath: IV", Chris and Chef were supposed to go to Sunset Beach, but Chef, Chris, and everyone at the Airport observed embarrassing scenes of Chris from the show on one of the big-screen TV sets at the terminal, causing Chris and Chef to head back to the studio where TDA Aftermath was airing.
  • It is possible that the show's Sunset Beach is based off the Hawaiian town called Sunset Beach, known to have the biggest waves in the USA.
  • The town is located on Sunset Island, British Columbia (a fictional island in the Stoked universe). The town appears to be an amalgam of two real life coastal surfing communities in British Columbia, Tofino and Ucluelet.