Stoked Radio plays music heard in the show. This is a list of the songs featured:

  1. Stoked Theme Song
  2. "Dear Maria Count Me In" by All Time Low
  3. "First Date" by The Fleshtones
  4. "Everything" by Morgan Mayer
  5. "Average Girl" by Morgan Mayer
  6. "The Hypothesist" by Novillero
  7. "Season Tickets" by The Dirty Tricks
  8. "Boulervard" by The Dirty Tricks
  9. "Going Bye Bye" by The Dirty Tricks
  10. "So Lo So HI" by The Presidents of the United States of America
  11. "Chasing Satellites" by Hello Operator
  12. "Untouchable" by Luna Halo
  13. "All Alone" by The Hundreds and Thousands
  14. "Give In" by The Hundreds and Thousands
  15. "Happy Happy Happy" by The Happy Problem
  16. "Alternative Plans" by Ellegarden
  17. "Arcopolis" by Ellegarden
  18. "Surfer Girl" by The Fabs
  19. "Hit or Miss" by Portor Mall
  20. "Long Live the Weekend" by The Living End
  21. "Monkey Mask" by Meligrove Band
  22. "Thanks to You" by Honey Claws
  23. "Surfing Sitar" by Tsunami
  24. "The Stars on 11" by The Yoko Casionos
  25. "The Whereabouts" by Touch the Ground
  26. "The Youth I Never Had" by Fat Sue
  27. "Let the Games Begin" by Anarbor
  28. "You and I" by Anarbor
  29. "Say Hello" by The Know How
  30. "The Killer" by Mobile
  31. "Tomorrow Starts Today" by Moblie
  32. "Hey Sugar" by Young Rival
  33. "We Are" by Tupelo Honey
  34. "Angel" By Peirsion Ross
  35. "Ccut Upp" by Duchess Says
  36. "Sugar Assault Me Now" by Pop Levi
  37. "Don't Box Me In" by Nyki Lindsay King
  38. "Espresso Twist" by The Urban Surf Kings
  39. "Energise" by Earodynamics
  40. "Sushi" by Kyle Andrews
  41. "Cryin' Shame" by The Happy Problem
  42. "Party People" by Winter Gloves
  43. "The Bully" by Duke Squad
  44. "Make it Right" by The May Fire
  45. "Famous (For Losing You)" by Household Names
  46. "Downtown Mayors" by You Say Party! We Say Die!
  47. "Back to School" by The Fleshtones
  48. "Fire Cracker" by Ellegarden
  49. "Let's Do This Again" by Markattack
  50. "Fight and Kiss" by We Are Wolves
  51. "Hit the Floor #7" by Mobile
  52. "Tu N'es Pas Mon Chien (Inst.)" by Luc and Suzie
  53. "Forever Now" by Duke Squad
  54. "Girl Zone" by Leslie Mills
  55. "Let's Go Out" by The Whereabouts
  56. "Hold Your Horses" by The Dirty Tricks
  57. "Shout It" by Sweetheart
  58. "Without You Again" by Sam Shaber