Stanley Stevens
Job: Editor of Luxury Vacations Magazine.

Stanley Stevens is the editor of Luxury Vacations Magazine and a former surfing beach bum. He's reputed to be the world's toughest travel critic. He nearly gave Surfer's Paradise Ridgemount Resort a 1 out of 10 as a result of his experiences there, when another guest (who had the same last name as him and also has a first name that starts with the letter "S") was mistaken for him and was given the five-star treatment, while he was viewed by the staff as just another guest.


Due to stress from his job, he is basically a grouchy man. He has a low tolerance for lousy staff, as seen in "The Very Very Very Very Very Important Guest". At times, he can be more laid back like The Kahuna, likely reflecting his younger years.


  • He rode El Duderino back in his day and made the cover of every surfing magazine.
  • His old board looks similar to Broseph's, only with his stripes on the opposite side.
  • His iPhone is red.
  • All he wanted to do was relax while reviewing the hotel, but he never got the chance.
  • He looks like a skinny-version of Tom Arnold.