Staff Tandem Surfing Competition
Reef and Broseph (Team One), Tuna McGillis and Betty Sandstone (Team Two), Fin (Reef's original partner until an accident)

The Staff Tandem Surfing Contest was a contest pitting Captain Ron's employees against Surfer's Paradise in "Boards of Glory".

Known Participants


  • Captain Ron was first seen during this competition.
  • Tuna McGillis and Betty Sandstone tried to cheat by rigging Reef and Broseph's board, but to no avail.
  • Lo's stated to be ineligible to compete--though it's never specified why, the most likely reason would be her being the daughter of the host hotel's owner.
  • From Lo and the others discovered, nothing in the rules for the contest explicitly state that the duos competing have to be boy-girl pairs, it just states that there must be two surfers. So partnerships could easily be both guys (in the case of Reef and Broseph) or even both girls.


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