Fish in the Lobbyquarium
First Apearance:

Sonny is a fish currently living in the Surfer's Paradise Ridgemount Resort lobbyquarium. He is best friends with the shark named Buster.


He sounds like a con-man from New York City (complete with a Brooklyn accent), as said by some fans, as he also bets with other fish: "C'mon, double or nothin' "! (fish swim away) "Crap!".

He also has had a few near-death experiences:

  1. Nearly getting eaten by Buster in a few episodes.
  2. Choking on a nut thrown in by Todd and Mark. The shark saved him by performing the Heimlich maneuver.
  3. Nearly dying in the incident with the groms in "Groms Gone Wild".
  4. He also jumped out of the tank to tell the Kahuna about Fluffy's death.