Seagull is an unknown seagull who appears quite often in the series, usually involving him deliberately pooping on someone as a running gag.


  • His role is pretty similar to the duck's from Total Drama Island.
  • The Seagull actually is a Black-tailed Gull (Larus crassirostris).
  • There have been other seagulls seen on the show, most notably in "Endless Bummer", where an entire flock of seagulls invades the hotel lobby and proceed to dive-bomb and defecate on everything and everyone in sight, until Bummer, who appears to be a "seagull whisperer", talks to the lead seagull in seagull-speak and orders the flock to leave the hotel.
  • He poops on Reef the most, though he also pooped on Ty's beaver tail as Emma was about to give it to him in "Reef, Broseph, and Emma's Totally Stupid Adventure".