The Sci-Fi Convention was a convention held at Surfer's Paradise in "Charging into the Night". Reef called it "Geeks 'r' Us".

Sci-Fi References

  1. A short guy dressed like Yoda
  2. Man dressed up like a Klingon
  3. Tons of Star Wars and Star Trek ships everywhere, including some parodying Futurama and 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  4. Girl dressed up like Lt. Nyota Uhura.
  5. "Starfleet Scum" (by the Klingon) - Star Trek
  6. "Head of Big Nerd Council" (by Reef) - Unknown precisely, most likely "Head of Jedi Council"
  7. "Nerdi Master" (by Reef) - "Jedi Master"
  8. "Klingons" - Star Trek
  9. "Borg" - Star Trek
  10. "Romulans" - Star Trek
  11. "Dork Fleet Admiral" (by Reef) - "Fleet Admiral"
  12. "Bat'leth" - Star Trek


  • No one in the groms, except for Fin, seemed to like it. Fin mentioned that she likes sci-fi movies, but it is the genre's fans that creep her out, evidently because of their obsession with sci-fi and their need to dress up as and role-play characters from their favorite sci-fi movies and TV shows.

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