Stoked game


STOKE stands for Surf Teaching Out-of-Control Educator. It is a video game made by Reef, using an old board, a small TV set (later replaced by a larger widescreen TV) and various parts. It is a surfing simulator video game.

First, Lo volunteers to try it but she is defeated easily. Then Reef asks Emma to try the game next and, after she refuses at first, she says yes. She wins over the game, and then many tourists want to try it. Reef now has the time to go surfing.

While Reef is out surfing, Bummer catches up to him on a jet ski and tells him that, due to the success of the STOKE, Reef's job has become redundant and that he is fired. Reef and the Kahuna then vow to destroy the STOKE, but they fail.

The next morning, a tired Fin comes downstairs as Reef rallies the anti-STOKE group at the staff house for their backup plan to destroy the game. Reef, pretending to be a video game inspector, prepares to destroy the game when Fin stops him. The Kahuna decides to give the STOKE a try, which ends up shorting out and destroying the game. When the hotel guests start wanting surfing lessons again, Bummer is forced to rehire Reef as the hotel surfing instructor. At the beach, Reef thanks Broseph for his part in helping destroy the STOKE by presenting him with a new surfboard.


  • Even though the acronym is STOKE, control is not spelled with a K, which Reef ignores.
  • The mistake was indicated by Johnny, and later Fin and Bummer.

STOKE Zombies

When guests are playing the STOKE, their brains get hypnotized.

  • Lo Ridgemount
  • Emma
  • Many other hotel guests


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