The Royal Suite is the largest and most luxurious out of all the VIP-suites at Surfer's Paradise. According to Lo Ridgemount, the Royal Suite is the nicest place to stay in the entire hotel (after the Ridgemount family's penthouse).

The suite features at least one bedroom, at least one bathroom, a mini-fridge, and other amenities. Seymour Stevens (when mistaken as Stanley) stayed there, as well as Stanley Stevens. Fin, Lo and Emma also originally planned to have a slumber party there before Mrs. Ridgemount found them there and invited them up to the Penthouse, and the German Twins ended up staying in the Royal Suite afterward.


  • George's pet tarantula, Shania Twain, laid her eggs in the bed (the eggs later hatched).
  • The room number is 308.
  • Fin claimed the Ridgemount's penthouse made the Royal Suite look like the staff lodge after seeing how luxurious the penthouse was.