The Royal Suite is the nicest out of all the VIP-suites at Surfer's Paradise. According to Lo Ridgemount, the Royal Suite is the most luxurious place to stay in the entire hotel (after the Ridgemount family's penthouse).

The suite features a bedroom, bathroom, fridge, and other amenities. Seymour Stevens (when mistaken as Stanley) stayed there, as well as Stanley Stevens. Fin, Lo and Emma also originally planned to have a sleepover there before Mrs. Ridgemount found them there and invited them up to the Penthouse, and the German Twins ended up staying in the Royal Suite afterward.


  • George's pet tarantula, Shania Twain, laid her eggs in the bed (the eggs later hatched).
  • The room number is 308.
  • Fin claimed the Ridgemount's penthouse made the Royal Suite look like the staff house after seeing how luxurious the penthouse was.



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