Job: Maid
Friends: Fin, Ridgemounts (sometimes Lo).
Dislikes: Kelly (Grand Theft Whale Bus)
Voice Actor: Fiona Reid
First Appearance: Welcome to Paradise, Dudes!

Rosie is the head of housekeeping at Surfer's Paradise. She has worked at the resort for at least 16 years or more, as she has known Lo since she was a baby. She trained Fin and is her direct supervisor. While not an excitable person, she can occasionally act light-hearted, such as being able to blow her mouth up on a window like no one else can, and scaring the shark-and-fish duo in the lobbyquarium when they tried to mess with her.


  • In "The Very Very Very Very Very Important Guest", she nearly kills George's pet spider, Shania Twain.
  • It was revealed in "Boards of Glory" that she used to surf.
  • It is unknown why Rosie is doing grounds, as that duty normally falls to the Groundskeepers.
  • In "Groms Gone Wild", she stated that she wanted to throw a pillow at Fin.
  • In "Grand Theft Whale Bus", she becomes a waitress and does a good job and gets the guests to help clean up due to the Pirate Ship being short-staffed.
  • She is intolerant of misbehavior from bratty kids, as she threatened Mark Marvin in "Grand Theft Whale Bus" when he refused to stop dropping dinner buns on the restaurant floor.
  • She has Arcahnophobia as she reacted to Shania Twain and attempt to kill her.
  • Judging from her comment on not wanting to live in a pig-sty and due to the fact that she's never seen at the staff house, Rosie presumably lives somewhere in the hotel, possibly in the penthouse itself with the rest of the Ridgemount-family.
  • Since Rosie's 35 and Lo, who's 15, mentions that Rosie's known her since she was a baby, Rosie must have been at least 20 when Lo was born.



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