Room 1313 is a VIP suite or a honeymoon suite in Surfer's Paradise Ridgemount Resort. It was said to be haunted, but it's actually not up to code due to rusty water and broken air vents. It features a bathroom with hot tub, a bedroom with a vibrating bed, fridge, small incomplete library, frontroom and TV.


  • Though the room is numbered as "13", it should be "4", due to it being on the first floor. This is entirely conjectural.
  • Though the room is numbered as "13", hotels do not officially have a number 13 room, nor if they have 13 floors or more, do they officially have a 13th floor due to superstition about the number 13. Any 13th room or 13th floor is considered as number 14, and numbered so.
  • When Broseph and Emma take Sheila the turtle to an empty room to lay her eggs, they pass Room 1313, which shows the door back to front from when it was shown in "Penthouse of Horror."
  • It's implied that the suite might actually be haunted, due to Bummer having nothing to do with the floating bathrobe that the gang (minus Johnny and Emma) saw in the suite's bathroom, and Bummer and the groms also heard a mysterious growling/moaning sound.


  • Cell phone service is unavailable there due to the room being in a dead zone.
  • The reason the room is called 1313 is because "13" is considered the unluckiest number ever.
  • In real life, there was a video game titled Star Wars 1313 (which has been cancelled). It's about two bounty hunters going to Level 1313 which, almost just like Room 1313, is a dangerous criminal underworld of Coruscant. This game is titled with the number 1313 just like the room was numbered 1313.