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Ripper and Emma

Ripper and Emma went out for a short amount of time (one episode) and broke up because Lance wouldn't leave them alone.

Episodes suggesting Relationship

Season 1

In a episode, Emma tells Lo she's taking a break from dating guys, Ripper and Lance show up with giant rolls of toilet paper. Ripper claims that he is going to soak the ball in water and stick it to ceiling while Lance is going to use it in the bathroom. Then Lo and Emma both agree that the two boys are gross.

On the way to the Office, Emma gets plowed over by Ripper and Lance as they run by. Emma sees that she cut her knee when she fell down. Ripper returns alone and asks if she's okay and starts blowing on her knee. He claims that it's what his mom used to do to make it better.

Emma and Ripper go surfing and he teaches her how to cutback. After joking around, Ripper asks Emma out. Emma says that she was not dating guys and Ripper says that he would love to go out with Emma. As Ripper walks away, Emma says that her break from guys is over.

Ripper and Emma meet up for their date at the Beaver Tail Bakery. Ripper brought Lance along because he felt bad to leave him alone. While Ripper and Emma try to do romantic things, Lance interrupts them.

When they go on a second date without Lance, Ripper sees how lonely Lance is without him, so Emma and Ripper break up.


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