Ridgemount Resorts is a chain of hotels owned and operated by Mr. Ridgemount.


Only one, Surfer's Paradise, has been seen in detail but it has been stated that there are other hotels out there owned by Mr. R.

Surfer's Paradise Ridgemount Resort

Full article: Surfer's Paradise Ridgemount Resort

  • The original hotel and the location where the series is set. Seen in every episode.

Ridgemount Ice Resort

  • This hotel, referenced by Lo and briefly shown in "The Make-Out Fake-Out", is located somewhere in the Canadian Arctic. Lo blackmailed Johnny by threatening to have him transferred there if he did not agree to keep her plan to make an old boyfriend of hers jealous a secret.

Other Hotels:

3rd Canadian Hotel

  • Mr. R, Mrs. R and George stayed there, and after the events of the party, came back home. The location in Canada for this hotel is unknown.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Toronto, Ontario (4th Canadian Hotel)

  • Lo mentions in "A Prank Too Far" that if Surfer's Paradise ever went out of business, she and her family would have to live at the Toronto-location for the chain. This is also most likely also the same hotel where Mr. Ridgemount and his family (minus Lo), along with Bummer and Kelly, were going to for a hotel management conference in "Groms Gone Wild!".

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