Renee St. Pierre

St Pierre

Renee St. Pierre
Model, Guest
First Appearance

Renee St. Pierre was a guest at Surfer's Paradise Ridgemount Resort. She is a model and and stayed at the resort during a photoshoot for the magazine, Hot Splash.


Season 2

Renee St. Pierre appears in the episode Bad Sports as guest at Surfer's Paradise Ridgemount Resort. She is a model, and doing a photo shoot for the magazine, Hot Splash. During her stay, one of her suitcases is lost and to Lo's and Emma's discovery, it is filled with clothes which they take without her permission. Renee realizes she is missing a couple outfits, notably the wetsuit Emma is stuck in. Bummer volunteers Emma, Lo, and Broseph to be in Renee's photoshoot.

Unable to get the wetsuit off, Emma confesses to Renee the bad deed they did, but Renee laughs and is not angered, rather she points out the zipper. Renee then reveals that she was allergic to the neoprene in the wetsuit and her photo shoot is cancelled, however Broseph has the photos of Emma's and Lo's little photo shoot which are used in Hot Splash.

Renee sends a copy of Hot Splash to the groms as a little gift, but only contains photos of Emma in the wetsuit with her head cut off in all of them.



Renee has dark blonde hair, which is pulled into a high ponytail and fair skin. She wears a blue tank top, with a lighter blue skirt and matching scarf.