This is the conflict between Reef and the seniors.

Welcome to paradise, Dudes!

After coming to the staff house for the first time, Reef falls through the third step, then Ripper and Lance laugh at him. Reef also seemed a bit grossed out when he thought Ripper had farted.

Board and Confused

Reef disses Kelly after she explains grom initiation. After they leave, he refuses to go through initiation just to see The Office, so he decides to follow the seniors as an easy way out. However, once they catch him, they hang him up in a try by his underwear and left him there until they got back. Later, Lance and Ripper are making Reef wax their boards and say "I love the seniors!" (earning him flirty eyes from an elderly guest). Reef then abandons their boards in the middle of the ocean, forcing them to grab a water bike to try and retrieve them. While they do this, Reef taunts them ("Given that you're paddling against the tide, I just bought myself an hour to go Office hunting! Suck on that, seniors!" (Or "Deal with that, seniors!")).

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