Reef's Mom
Reef's Mom
Age: late-30s to early-40s
Family: Reef (son)
Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Green
First Appearance: A Boy Named Leslie

Reef's Mom is the mother of Reef.


She is the stereotypical cartoon mom; overprotective, treats her child like a baby and makes changes to their child's living arrangements. She looks like an older female version of Reef. She came to Surfer's Paradise for a surprise visit, upsetting and later angering Reef. She helped clean up the area and told everyone stories of Reef when he was young (to his greater annoyance). She briefly dated the Kahuna, and almost moved in with him, but later broke up because she thought "he was a few watts short of a bulb".

After realizing Reef wasn't a baby (after Reef told her she was "cramping his style"), she left Surfer's Paradise and said goodbye to Reef and told him to have fun.


  • She is either divorced, widowed, or a single mother.
  • She learned in "A Boy Named Leslie" that Reef has a tattoo.
  • She dated the Kahuna but he didn't know that they were dating until the end.
  • She wanted to learn to surf and spend the whole summer with Reef, because of a conversation with Fin.
  • She also told Fin that she would fit right into the bikini contest that she was protesting against (which Reef was to be a judge in) and that she should take full advantage of her feminine gifts, to utilize both brains and beauty.
  • She created a stain remover for Reef's skid marks (edited in the US and Australia into "drool stains").
  • She is your average TV mom, everyone loves her (she's nice, bakes and she makes her kid's life suck).



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