Nana is a guest at the hotel. She is the grandmother of an attractive female guest who Reef originally assumed he was going to give a massage to when Bummer assigned him to do massages for hotel guests. To his chagrin, Reef found out that Nana, not her granddaughter, was to get the massage.



  • She has a tattoo on her ankle.
  • Her granddaughter is most likely the redhead girl of the Tropical Tan Models.
  • While receiving a massage from Reef in "Sick Day", she revealed that her ankle tattoo was on her lower back when she first got it. Because of that, a nauseous Reef ended up vomiting on her.
  • In "To Catch a Reef", Emma and Fin attempted to pair Chester and Nana together for their new dream-date service, however it does not work out and Fin and Emma's dream-date service is stopped.
    • After the failed dream-date service in "To Catch a Reef", Chester and Nana find they do have something in common - they both hate young people.
  • In "Grom Fest", it was revealed that she wears a wig, when Reef takes the wig off her head to hide his bald head.


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