The Marvin Family are a family of guests at Surfer's Paradise Ridgemount Resort. The kids are a major cause of havoc, discord and chaos for many of the hotel staff.


Mr. Marvin

Mr. Marvin is fat and laid back, like his wife. Both, as described by Johnny, are "bad parents". He has no care whatsoever about what his sons do, but simply allows them to run wild around the hotel grounds and does nothing to control or discipline them. He also brushes off the staff's recommendations to make the boys behave with a dismissive excuse, such as "They're just being boys". He does however take offense to being blatantly told he's a lousy father and leaves the hotel in anger with his family.

Mrs. Marvin

Mrs. Marvin also is a bad parent. Not much else is known about her.


See Mark Marvin for more details

Mark is one of the two fat, chaotic sons. He along with Todd come up with nefarious and cunning schemes.


See Todd Marvin for more details

Todd is the second fat, chaotic son. He along with Mark come up with nefarious and cunning schemes.


  • Because of the family's overall behavior and Mark and Todd's destructiveness, in real life, the Marvin family would get kicked out of virtually any hotel they stayed in (possibly even blacklisted in some cases).
  • The Marvins' sons are named after the directors of Total Drama Island/Action/World Tour, Todd Kauffman and Mark Thornton.
  • Both Todd and Mark took surfing lessons from Lo.
  • They get along better than Erica and Brianna.
  • In "A Prank Too Far," it is implied that the Marvins are stereotypically rude American tourists when Mrs. Marvin disdainfully calls Emma a Canadian after Emma tries to get Todd and Mark to behave themselves and their parents to discipline them better while serving them at the Pirate Ship.
    • An apparent indicator of the Marvins' nationality is also displayed in every episode where Mrs. Marvin speaks (particularly in "Waves of Cheese"), where she is heard to speak with a New York/New Jersey-sounding accent.
  • While the Marvin boys have gotten away with their malicious and destructive behavior around the hotel on most occasions thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Marvin's non-existent discipline (as well as Bummer's willingness to let the kids do as they please as long as their parents keep spending money at the hotel), there have been at least two occasions where the boys have paid consequences for their wild behavior and their parents received stern lectures about their poor parenting, thanks to intervention by Johnny (in "Waves of Cheese") and Rosie (in "Grand Theft Whale Bus").
  • They are hated by everyone except Erica and Brianna.