Job: Surfer
Likes: Fin, truth and justice
Dislikes: Injustice
Hair Color: Brown
Voice Actor: Dan Petronijevic
First Appearance: Reef, Broseph, and Emma's Totally Stupid Adventure

Marshall is a surfer and former guest at Surfer's Paradise Ridgemount Resort. He is all about truth and justice, like a superhero-kind of guy. He once had a relationship with Fin, until he found out about her uploading pictures of his room, 303, on the internet.


  • Marshall is voiced by Dan Petronijevic, who also voices Tuna McGillis on the show.
  • Marshall apparently is obsessed with justice, with a tattoo on his back (and on his underwear) of the Scales of Justice seen everywhere.
  • Fin called him McGorgeous due to the fact that he is good looking.
  • Marshall's iPhone is dark-blue.
  • His other nickname given to him by Fin is "The Dumpster" (after she discovers how messy his room was).
  • He had slime on the ceiling of his room, which caused Fin to vomit when it came down in front of her.