Maddie is/was a junior assistant to Connie who tried to sell Go Glam Awesome scooters to Emma, thinking she was the manager of the hotel. Emma calls her "Public frenemy No.1" and made grade 10 for Emma a nightmare.


  • In the contract she convinced Emma to sign for the Go Glam Awesome scooters, she misplaced the decimal point meaning the hotel only had to pay $9 and not their usual price of $900.
  • Connie only hired Maddie to do her laundry, nails, and to pick up her schnauzer's poop.
  • Her frienemy relationship with Emma is a little similar to that between Caitlin and Tricia from 6teen, though Maddie hasn't actually been seen committing any acts of cruelty toward Emma in the show so far.



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