Lo's Sports Coupe is a red luxury car offered to Lo by her father as a bribe to dump Reef.


  • The car's manufacturer and model is unknown.
  • Among its features, the car includes a hybrid engine, an onboard 3D game console and a cream soda dispenser.
  • Lo accepted the car, but defied her father's wishes by continuing to see Reef anyway.
  • Lo later gives back the car in order to continue seeing Reef and prevent her father from firing him when she sees Reef risk his life to retrieve her brother George's new pet, a hedgehog named Rick, from the Wipeout statue at the top of the hotel.
  • While Lo is seen driving the car around the hotel, Reef is the one shown driving the car when he and Lo are not on the hotel grounds. In a later scene set in Sunset Beach, Fin takes over driving the car when she catches up to Lo and Reef. This would evidently indicate that Lo is not allowed to drive the car off of the hotel grounds yet due to not having a valid driver's licence because of her age.
  • It appears to resemble a Chevrolet Camaro.



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