Lo's Party was an event held at Surfer's Paradise prior to the first episode.

Lo's party got so crazy (there were over a hundred teenagers at the party) that:

  • It got all over the news and the internet (it attracted the attention of at least one newspaper and one TV-news crew).
  • With the exception of the staff house, the partygoers ended up trashing pretty much the entire hotel and its grounds (including Lo's family's penthouse).
  • Lo's party got so crazy that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police were called in at one point (presumably to try and break up the party).
  • On kind of a lesser note, the party ended up disturbing pretty everyone who happened to be staying at the hotel (such as the Marvin-family).

As a result of the party, Lo's dad forced her to work at the resort (even going so far as to force her to live at the staff house for the summer and taking away all her credit cards and spa privileges) until it's decided that Lo has learned her lesson—all while being treated like just another employee.

Known Participants


  • The incoming groms (Reef, Broseph, Fin and Emma) had to help clean up the mess left over from the party.
  • Broseph drove Lo's Jeep into the hotel's main pool.
  • There was a huge bonfire on the beach and the party guests ended up using the wooden pool chairs for the fire after they ran out of firewood.
  • Lo was crowd surfing during the party.
  • Something happened to the hot tub at the party, but the details of the incident were never revealed—but from what can gathered from the way Lo's brother, Ty, had informed her of it, it must've been pretty bad.

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