Lo's Party was a party held at Surfer's Paradise prior to the first episode. According to Lo's dad, there were over a hundred teenagers at the party, and the partygoers trashed the penthouse, the pool and pretty much the entire beach area (the guests ended up using beach chairs in lieu of firewood for this big bonfire on the beach). The party disturbed many of the guests and ended up getting so out of hand that it not only attracted the attention of a TV-news crew (who described it as "an 'End of the School Year' party gone wrong), but the Royal Canadian Mounted Police was called in at one point. Because of this, Lo was forced to move from the Penthouse to the staff house and get a job at the hotel by her father.

Known Participants


  • The groms had to clean up the mess left over from the party.
  • Broseph drove Lo's Jeep into the hotel pool.
  • There was a huge bonfire on the beach and the party guests ended up using the wooden pool chairs for the fire after they ran out of firewood.
  • Lo was crowd surfing during the party.
  • Something happened to the hot tub at the party, but the details of the incident were never revealed.

Gallery of Destruction

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