This is a complete list of tourists/kooks at the Surfer's Paradise Ridgemount Resort.

Normal Tourists

Fat man

A fat man was seen eating ice-cream at the boardwalk. He dropped the ice cream, then picked it up, and continued to eat it. He also gave Broseph cash while Broseph was convincing George and Grommet why being a bellhop rocks.

George's Crush

George had a crush on a young female guest who was 15.

George's Crush's friend

She also had a friend.


A list of the people present at the Surfer's Paradise Sci-Fi Convention.

The Klingon

A fat man who was obsessed with Star Trek and wore a big Klingon suit. He acts in the manner of the Klingons who appear in the Star Trek movies and the TV series from The Next Generation to Enterprise.

Yoda Dude

A guy dressed like Yoda (of Star Wars fame) who resembled one of the Marvin twins.

Trekkie Girl

A girl who dressed like Lt. Nyota Uhura from Star Trek.

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