This article is about a strong bromance between No Pants Lance and Ripper.

Episodes For

Welcome to Paradise, Dudes!

  • They are seen laughing and enjoying each other's presence at the Staff Housing.

Another Grom Bites the Dust

  • They are sharing a latte.

Board and Confused

  • Both tortured Reef equally.

Take your Kook To Work Day

O Broseph, Where Art Thou?

  • Both were seen sharing a bed and farting.

Groms Gone Wild

  • Both were enjoying the absence of Bummer.

Chum Music

Both were enjoying Chillaxland.


  • Lance becomes lonely after Ripper begins to date Emma. Ripper and Emma eventually break up by the end of the episode because Lance and Ripper missed each other.
  • Ripper brought Lance on his first date with Emma, because he had no plans and Ripper did not want to leave him at the house by himself.

Surfer's Got Talent

  • Both entered the contest with their band "Air Pollution".


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