This is a conflict between Kelly and the other seniors.

A Boy Named Leslie

Ripper helps Lo to sabotage Kelly's date with Ty by putting a combination of rancid cheese curds mixed with a fast-acting laxative on an order of poutine which Snack Shack brings to Kelly. Lance and Ripper turned against her.


Johnny is mad at Kelly for trying to rat on the groms but they had a deal if she keeps her mouth shut. Kelly wants her money from Johnny. Then she gets Bummer and Johnny gives her his shoes instead. Johnny turned against her.

Heartbreak Hotel

Kelly became the snottiest boss to Zack, who cries because she treats him badly at work. Kelly then disses Emma after she finds out Emma was disguised as a rebound date of Ty's named "Jemma". Ty told her to take a hike, which not only ended their relationship, but also caused Ty to turn against her. If Zack is a senior, then he turned against her as well.

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