S2 E26 Kaylie tells Emma "Don't tell me how to talk surf!"
Occupation: Guest, Gromfest contestant
Age: 16
Likes: Surfing
Dislikes: Emma, being corrected when she mixes up her surf slang
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Greenish-blue
First Appearance: Grom Fest

Kaylie is a guest at the hotel who qualified for Gromfest in "Grom Fest".


Season 2

Kaylie is introduced when she crashes into Emma while surfing. She uses some surfing slang in her conversations but frequently mixes up the words she uses for the slang, and she takes offence to Emma trying to correct her. She then antagonizes Emma by claiming that she will own Gromfest as she had practiced all summer on an artificial wave machine before coming to the event.


  • Kaylie appears to be a stereotypical "dumb blonde" when she misquotes surfing lingo after she crashes into Emma during Gromfest training, and again when she displays her cluelessness about her poor showing at the event itself as she asks the Gromfest sponsors to call her when she resurfaces after wiping out.
  • Kaylie resembles Betty Sandstone, albeit with a light blue bikini and eyeliner, shorter hair, a larger and more elaborate tattoo on her left arm, and a lip stud beneath her lower lip.
  • Despite her bragging that she would "own" Gromfest, Kaylie ends up finishing last out of fifty contestants in the girls' category, as Emma had placed 49th in the competition, one spot ahead of Kaylie.