This article is about the relationship between Emma and Johnny. This relationship is mostly one sided on Johnny's part, since Emma views him as more as an older brother. Throughout the show Johnny tries to get Emma to realize that he likes her, but Emma is oblivious to his constant hints. After going on a date in Endless Bummer, the two ultimately decide that they're better off as friends. They remain friends for the rest of the series, but there at times where it's shown that Johnny apparently still has feelings for Emma, if not as strong as before.

Another Grom Bites the Dust

While the two don't talk during the episode, Johnny does Emma a solid unknown to her. Johnny hears from Ripper and No Pants Lance that Emma had the lowest evaluation, indicating that she's the one to be fired on the first day. Johnny decides to switch Martha's and Emma's evaluation cards on the hotel employee database. Martha (a mean, rude, sarcastic maid) is the one to be fired for having Emma's bad evaluation. This is the first indication that Johnny likes Emma, since he clearly did not want her dreams of surfing to be crushed.

Board and Confused

It is confirmed in this episode by Broseph that Johnny has a crush on Emma; as he uses this as blackmail so he does not have to wear the old Wipeout costume as part of his grom intitiation.

Take your Kook To Work Day

Near the beginning of the episode Emma breaks a few plates and Johnny walks in saying "It sounds like a greek wedding in here." Emma asks him if he has ever really liked someone who didn't have a clue who he was. He awkwardly says he is familar with the concept and asks her out to a movie but she thinks he is just being nice, he trys to tell her he likes her but she waves him off.

When the friends go surfing Emma brings a "cute guy" along and Johnny gets jealous but grudgingly lets the guy stay.

Johnny is the one who helps get rid of the kooks at the Office for Emma. When they leave Emma hugs Johnny and it makes him happy but then she mentions Ty and it makes him sad.

Waves of Cheese

Johnny and Emma are seen complaining about The Marvin family rude behavior. When Emma is shown Johnny's bruise from one of the boys pranks, Emma shows concern about it. Emma then ask Johnny if he was going to the movies, and mentions she will see him there.Johnny assumes that Emma just asked him on a date, and is stoked about it. However, after attempting to put her arms around her shoulder and she ask what he was doing, he realizes it was not a date. The next day when the Marvin boys exploded some salt and pepper near Emma, Johnny brings the twins to the parents and tell them off about their kids being horrible and that the parents need to look after them. Emma thanks Johnny for finally telling them off, hugs him and tells him he could kiss him. Johnny smiles after being hugged by Emma.

Charging into the Night

Johnny tries to flirt with Emma but it horribly backfires when Emma keeps mentioning Ty.

O Broseph, Where Art Thou?

Johnny turns off the security beams when Fin and Lo need to get Emma's thought-to-be one out of ten evaluation.

Boards of Glory

Johnny pretends to be Emma's boyfriend and films her (so they can spy on the Captain Ron's team) and shows him filming closeups of Emma from top to bottom, and then him kissing the camera.

Reef, Broseph, and Emma's Totally Stupid Adventure

Johnny asks Emma for a heart-shaped Beaver tail for them to share, but she doesn't hear him. Johnny takes Emma's job as hula girl. Johnny almost had to take Emma's place in the staff bikini contest.

Penthouse of Horror

Johnny goes night surfing with Emma, and saves her from the undead Fluffy. Johnny sets up a romantic night for Emma and attempts to let Emma know how he feels and fails to when Both Emma assumes he set it up for her and Ty (despite him being in Whistler) and Kahuna warning them about Fluffy

Mr. Wahine

Johnny goes to see if Emma is okay after wiping out. Johnny is jealous that Emma kissed Broseph for letting her borrow his board.

Grand Theft Whale Bus

Johnny stares at Emma while she is standing outside the DR. Johnny agrees to take Emma to Sunset Beach and pick up Lo, Broseph, Fin and Reef. Johnny begins to be more fun after Emma talks to him and puts her hand on his shoulder.

Endless Bummer

Emma reads one of Lo's magazines and it says to kiss the next frog in line. Johnny comes up the stairs and Emma asks him out on a lunch date. Johnny gets excited and gets a limo with 4 hours of her favorite songs and three dozen roses. He also got a green dress with flowers on it for her so she wears it. Once they get there, Johnny tells Emma a funny story and Emma accidentally spits out her orange juice on her dress. She goes into the ladies room to get it off. Johnny sees the magazines and reads that he's the frog. Johnny gets angry and orders the spaghetti with garlic, which he does not know at first that Emma is allergic to until Emma tells him that after he mentions what he did. They realize that they shouldn't be together at the end of their date.

The Day the Sea Stood Still

Emma and Johnny shared a jet ski while going off with the rest of the gang to destroy Captain Ron's island.


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