This article is about Johnny's friendship/conflict with Andrew "Bummer" Baumer.

Signs of Friendship

Waves of Cheese

Despite giving Johnny a strike, Bummer seemed happy that Johnny set the Marvin kids and their parents straight.

Hang 9

Despite getting tricked by Johnny to come outside, he was not at all angry at him like he usually is with other employees.

Grand Theft Whale Bus

Bummer considered Johnny his best overall employee, and didn't have it in him to fire him. Bummer felt sadness over giving Johnny a Megastrike.

Grom Fest

Bummer asks Johnny to take care of him when he gets sick.

Signs of Conflict

Waves of Cheese

Bummer seemed to not care about Johnny's injuries when Johnny's computer at the front desk short-circuited and blew up.

Boards of Glory

Bummer, while irritated, gave Johnny and Broseph a strike for a lousy performance (actually, he did it for no reason).

Grand Theft Whale Bus

Bummer gave Johnny a megastrike (seen above)


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