Jimmy is a former worker and surfer of Surfer's Paradise Ridgemount Resort. He has strabismus and a strong dislike of the groms (minus Broseph), especially Reef.

Seeing Reef breaking Emma's airborne surf board out of fear, Jimmy becomes intimidated and retreats from Reef, but then challenges Reef's bluffs by challenging him to a fight.

After an afternoon of Fin and Snack Shack helping Reef, the trio prepare for the fight, but Reef has extra competition because of Lo misguidedly having brought Billy, Jimmy's bigger and hulking brother, to the fight, during which Reef tries to no avail to seek Jimmy and Billy's mercy after Billy joins the fight on his brother's side. While trying to hide from Jimmy, Reef bumps into Billy and then tries to run away, but because of Billy holding Reef by his clothes during his escape, Reef escapes fully naked.

Billy and Jimmy then charge at Reef, but they crash into each other, leaving a naked Reef otherwise unharmed.



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