Heidi portrait
Age: 15 or 16?
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Grayish green
First Appearance: The Day the Sea Stood Still

Heidi is a friend of Lo's from before she started working at the hotel and became friends with the other groms (minus Johnny and Broseph, who she was already friends with).

In The Day the Sea Stood Still (after Lo's dad briefly let her move back in the penthouse), Lo referred to Heidi as her "old-BFF," but they may not have been that close, because when Lo first decided to give her a call, she briefly forgot what her name was. When Heidi came up to the penthouse to spend time with Lo, Heidi wanted to do things like go shopping and take a trip to New York City.

However, Lo suggested they stay at the hotel and do things related to surfing. Heidi, who's a non-surfer, felt uncomfortable with it and declined before excusing herself so she could leave.