Age: 10
Family: Mother, Broseph (older brother), uncle who is an electrician
Friends: George Ridgemount
Talents: Surfing
Hair Color: Mustard
Eye Color: Brown to hazel
First Appearance: Waves of Cheese

Grommet is the younger brother of Broseph, and even looks like his brother. He is the best friend of George Ridgemount, and it appears that he is allowed to use the resort's facilities for free while he hangs out with George.


  • Grommet never speaks in the series.
  • Grommet usually assists George in his schemes.
  • His name is a pun on the term "grom", meaning "young surfer".
  • Grommet is seen riding his board in "Waves of Cheese", which is a yellow version of George's board.



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