Fin (first place in girls' category)
Broseph (first place in boys' category)
Fin, Broseph, Emma, Reef, Betty Sandstone and Kaylie

Gromfest is a surfing competition to be shown somewhere along the line in the series.

Known participants


  • "Gromfest" is a parody of events with the name _____fest (e.g., Oktoberfest)
  • It is supposed to happen twelve weeks and three days after "Welcome to Paradise, Dudes!" first aired.
  • Lo does not compete in Gromfest (most likely due to being ineligible to compete because she is the daughter of the event's host hotel's owner), but roots Reef on during the competition until they break up, after which she switches her allegiance in the event to Broseph.


  • Fin gets first place in the girls' category.
  • Broseph gets first place in the boys' category.
  • Reef gets second place in the boys' category.
  • Betty Sandstone gets second place in the girls' category.
  • Emma gets 49th place in the girls' category.
  • Kaylie gets 50th and last place in the girls' category (out of fifty entrants in that category).

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