Fin and Lo

This article is about the friendship between Fin and Lo.

Episodes with good examples of friendship

Board and Confused

  • Lo wins Fin and the other groms the right to surf the Office when she finds a keychain with a tiny surfboard attached in a dumpster as the final part of Grom Initiation.

Waves of Cheese

  • Fin goes along with Lo's suggestion to covertly borrow dresses from the room closet of hotel guest Blair for a night at the movies to spy on Reef during his date with Blair.

Reef And That Evil Totem

O Broseph, Where Art Thou

  • Lo and Fin team up to try to get back Emma's evaluation, which Lo mistakenly fears could get Emma fired, from Bummer's office.

Boards of Glory

Chum Music

  • Fin, along with Emma, consoles Lo after finding out that her "boyfriend" Stone Seabreeze "cheated" on her (not knowing then that Stone did not even know Lo) and gets back at Stone on Lo's behalf by pulling pranks on him.

A Boy Named Leslie

  • Lo and Fin work together to do Reef's Mom's hair while she tells them stories about Reef, much to his embarrassment.

Slumber Party Animals


  • Lo and Fin goof around, along with Johnny (and later joined by Reef), by having a burping contest while chugging cans of Tide's Up energy drink.

A Prank Too Far

  • Lo and Fin co-operate with Reef and Broseph to pull off a major prank on Bummer, and later pull another prank on him on their own.

The Day the Sea Stood Still

  • Fin and Lo clean a guest bathroom when Fin encourages Lo to work her way to earning enough money for a new bikini.

The Captain, The Grom, His Job and Her Dream

  • Lo admits that she misses Fin and considers her like a sister to her as she regrets being part of the reason Fin left Surfer's Paradise for a job at Captain Ron's Hotel.

Hunka Hunka Burning Reef

  • Fin saves Lo from nearly drowning when both girls get swamped by several waves out on the water after their attempt to see who Reef would choose backfires, and the girls make up afterward and admit that it was a bad idea to let Reef come between them and their friendship.

Groms on Strike

  • After the groms claim victory in their strike when Bummer concedes (although it is a hollow victory as only Lo benefits), Fin and Lo reconcile with a hug.

Episodes with bad examples of friendship

The Make-Out Fake-Out

  • Fin told Lo to prove that she and Reef are dating, so Lo has to kiss Reef.

The Captain, The Grom, His Job and Her Dream

  • Fin calls Lo a spoiled brat, and Lo throws dinner plates at Fin in response.
  • Lo's slacking on the job causes Fin to become the first inductee of Bummer's "Wall of Shame".

Hunka Hunka Burning Reef

  • Fin feeds some nasty comments about Lo to Reef via earphone to have him tell her.
  • Lo competes against Fin for Reef's attention.
  • Lo nearly gets into a fight with Fin after Fin calls her a spoiled princess.

Groms on Strike

  • Outside in the rain, Lo and Fin argue and call each other names.


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