El Duderino is a massive wave that comes once every twenty years. It is basically a wave that is triple overhead.


  • Stanley Stevens rode it twice.
  • It only happens at Sunset Beach.
  • People who ride it go on the cover of Stoked Magazine and every surf magazine.
  • Its current has enough power to move a submarine and a Grey whale (both were seen when the wave was going past when Reef and Broseph were apologizing to each other).
  • El Duderino is caused by tropical storms, in this case, Tropical Storm Tom.
  • El Duderino's height can range any where from 9 to 13 meters (30 to 45 feet).
  • The Kahuna has a formula for figuring out when El Duderino comes, it is "The power of the North Pacific current minus the Moon and Mercury divided by pi."


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