Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Relationships: Lo (broken up), Fin (only to make Lo jealous)
First Appearance: The Make-Out Fake-Out

Curtis is an ex-boyfriend of Lo--according to Lo in The Make-Out Fake-Out, Curtis and his family stay at Surfer's Paradise for about a week every summer, and during the summer before the start of the series, Lo briefly dated Curtis before dumping him for not being physically appealing enough for her.

However, when Curtis and his family come back to the hotel for their annual summer trip, Lo noticed that his looks had greatly improved (at least to her). But Lo then learned that Curtis was dating her friend Fin--Lo decided to pretend that she and Reef were dating in order to make Curtis jealous.

In the end, Fin and Curtis discovered that Lo and Reef weren't really dating and it turned out that Curtis no longer has feelings for Lo--also, he was only dating Fin to get back at Lo for dumping him the previous summer.



  • He's the second known boyfriend of Lo (after Kai).

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