Christian Potenza
Christian Potenza
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Voice Actor
Shep, Chris McLean, and Jude Lezowski

Christian Potenza is a Canadian voice actor. He voiced Shep when he came into the series. He also voices Jude (6teen) and Chris McLean (Total Drama Island/Action/World Tour)


He has been in television since 1997, when he first appeared in the television series Riverdale as the character Jimmy.

His performances include appearing as Doug in the CBC Television hockey comedy series The Tournament, as well as CSA Agent Joel in the 2002 Jackie Chan movie The Tuxedo.[2] Most of Potenza's best-known roles are in television commercials, including a giant yellow toothbrush in the "evil gingivitis" commercials for Listerine, a sunflower in Canadian Kia ads, as well as the "Let's get naked!" man on the subway in a Tostitos advertisement.[2] He performed the voice for Jude Lisowski on 6Teen, and he currently performs the voice for Chris McLean on all four Total Drama seasons (Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action, Total Drama World Tour, and Total Drama Revenge of the Island).

He also appeared in an episode of Colin and Justin's Home Heist in 2007, in which the suburban Oakville home he shares with his daughter Teagan was remodelled.


  • His named is not listed in the voice cast.


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