Job: Chef at the Pirate Ship
First Appearance: Boards of Glory

Chef is the French chef at the Pirate Ship restaurant. He is critical about his food and will not like it if someone dislikes his food. In "Penthouse of Horror", he was one of the three people to be attacked by Fluffy the zombie fishstick, which he helped kill and serve to Mr. Marvin. When Mr. Ridgemount has Emma tell him that each muffin should have equal blueberries he yelled, said it was nonsense and then threw a muffin at Emma.


  • Like common cooks, he is fat.
  • His silhouette was seen in "Penthouse of Horror".
  • By the sound of his accent, he is identified as French in "Boards of Glory".
  • His nickname is "Chef Fancy Pants", given by Mr. Ridgemount.
  • Chef's face is never seen on the show.