Charlie was a brown fish who lived in the Lobbyquarium between the first episode and "Groms Gone Wild".

R.I.P Charlie

The only fish who didn't survive when Broseph crashed the golf cart into the Lobbyquarium and cracked the glass, causing the water to flood out onto the lobby floor and taking all the fish with it, including Charlie. The groms then performed a funeral where Broseph gave a eulogy before Fin interrupted and flushed Charlie down the toilet.

Broseph's Speech:

Reef: Do do doo doo do do...
Broseph: I knew fishy since he was... a fishy. When I needed a helping fin, He was always there. He was a good fish, a gentle fish, a...
Fin: I didn't know him.

. *Fin flushes the toilet*

Broseph+Emma+Reef+Lo: Nooo!
. *Toilet overflows*

Broseph: Run! Fishy revenge!

. *They all run*


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