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Cartoon Network, which aired the episodes of Stoked in the United States, has aired the episodes with minor edits. Cartoon Network also limits ratings on programs and movies. Movies and shows can only be rated up to TV-PG-DV. As of July 2010, Stoked has been dropped from Cartoon Network's schedule. While it aired Stoked, there were many complaints, mainly over censoring and over trailer issues.

Episode Censoring

Welcome to Paradise, Dudes!

  • When this aired on Teletoon, Fin said the place sucks, but in the Cartoon Network version, she said it stinks.
  • Fin (Teletoon Version): Yeah, it sucks! It's all fake!
  • Fin (Cartoon Network Version): Yeah, it stinks! It's all fake!

O Broseph, Where Art Thou?

  • When this aired on Teletoon, Reef said that Broseph's "boys" have been in his board shorts, but the Cartoon Network version has been cut.
  • Reef: Dude, your boys have been in my boys' hood, my boys no longer want to be there, keep them.
  • Broseph: Hey, don't talk about my boys like that, you'll hurt their feelings.
  • Reef: Oh, I'll do more than hurt their feelings if you don't keep 'em out of my shorts!!

A Boy Named Leslie

  • When this aired on Teletoon, Lo asks Reef's Mom to talk about a stain remover for Reef's skid marks, but in the Cartoon Network version, it was changed to drool stains.
  • Lo (Teletoon Version): Oh! Tell us again how you invented your own stain remover for his skid marks!
  • Lo (Cartoon Network Version): Oh! Tell us again how you invented your own stain remover for his skid drool stains!

Censored words to new words

  • "Sucks" to "stinks"
  • "Freakin'" to "totally"
  • "crap" to nothing.

The "Trailer" issues

When watching a CN trailer, spoilers are seen.

Waves of Cheese

  • The entire ending was spoiled, as they show Fin getting the Kahuna to run Break Point, then Blair dumping Reef. Many fans disliked this, especially after they saw it.

Hang 9

  • When the commercial for that episode aired, it revealed Reef's accident and him looking like he was going to get fired. People would clearly know he probably wouldn't.

The End of Trailers

As a possible response to "Waves of Cheese", CN no longer aired trailers after "Reef And That Evil Totem", though Teletoon continues to air non-spoiler trailers.


  • Cartoon Network lately has been using shows from Teletoon, Foxkids and other channels for unknown reasons. CN has also drawn criticism from its viewers over perceptions of the channel giving preferential treatment to its own produced programming over imported shows from other production companies and channels, as well as what those viewers consider to be unnecessary censorship edits for perceived language issues by CN, even though the language edited is mild by comparison to more mature shows on other channels, and even some of CN's own programming which targets similar age demographics.
  • Stoked is CN's 7th Teletoon original show (others include: Atomic Betty, Totally Spies, Johnny Test, TDI, TDA and 6teen).