Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
First Appearance: Clinging in the Rain

Carlos is a young guest at Surfer's Paradise, who was stranded at the hotel along with the groms and some of the senior staff during Tropical Storm Bingo. He had been mistakenly left behind by his parents when he went looking for his pet lizard, Stu, when Emma found him at the hotel beach and he asked her to help him find his pet. He also talked about being afraid of a "big wave monster", which Emma at first assumed was the storm but which she later discovered was really the Lobbyquarium's resident shark, Buster, who escaped when the Lobbyquarium was damaged during the storm when the Whalebus landed in it after being thrown through the hotel tower by the powerful storm winds. Carlos eventually found Stu when the lizard was seen floating on a leaf on the water in the flooded lobby, and Stu ended up saving the day for Broseph when Buster, who was about to attack and devour Broseph while he was in the water, saw Stu and swam away in fear (because Buster had earlier told Sonny that he was afraid of anything green, which Stu is).


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