Captain Ron's Golfing Resort
Captain Ron's Golfing Resort
First Appearance: The Day the Sea Stood Still

Captain Ron's Golfing Resort was a cluster of artificial islands which Captain Ron constructed as an offshore golfing resort. The cluster was held together with bridges, along with guy wires attached to a tower on the central island.


  • The resort had, for the groms, the disadvantage of blocking waves from reaching the beaches at Surfer's Paradise, thus preventing Reef and his friends, as well as hotel guests, from surfing.
  • It was located in international waters, just outside of Canadian territory (which is considered by Canada to be 12 nautical miles (22 km; 14 mi) off the coast of Canada at low tide). Captain Ron purposely stationed the resort in international waters so that the Canadian Coast Guard could not touch him, even though what he was doing was technically illegal.
  • In "The Day the Sea Stood Still", the groms (with funding from Lo, who supplies them with jet skis), along with a bear and an army of skunks they bring along, set out to (successfully) dismantle the island cluster and destroy the resort to get back the waves and resume surfing.


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