Captain Clam
Occupation: Mascot of Captain Ron's Hotel
Voice Actor: Jess Gibbons
First Appearance: Boards of Glory

Captain Clam is Captain Ron's Hotel's version of Wipeout. He is turquoise, with yellow eyes, black pupils and he looks a clam trying to smile.


  • He lives by the Mascot Code of Silence.
  • He has a very evil mind and is a good liar/prankster.
  • His nickname was CC, given to him by Broseph.
  • He can throw a really good Clam Bake.
  • He calls money "clams".
  • His iPhone is yellow.
  • He has publicity photos of himself without his suit, which have never been seen on-camera.
  • According to Lo's reaction to one of Captain Clam's photos without the suit, he does not look physically attractive (at least to her).
  • He can surf, as seen surfing with Emma on his shoulders.
  • He is voiced by Jess Gibbons, who also plays the voice of Wyatt Williams on 6teen.
  • He ended up with Reef's crazy ex-girlfriend, Amber Green, at the end in "Who Knows What Evil Lurks in the Heart of Clam?", thanks to Fin telling Amber that Captain Clam has his own hot tub.



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