Bummer's personal golf cart was a light-blue golf cart that he bought for himself by embezzling some of the hotel's money. It was severely damaged by Reef, Broseph and Emma while pursuing Beaver Tails, but was recovered and repaired somewhere along the line before the episode "Mr. Wahine". The cart was then destroyed again in "A Prank Too Far", and was repaired between that and "(500) Days of Bummer", when it was destroyed for a third time.


  • The license plate read BAUMER1.
  • Due to the purchase of said cart, Bummer needed to save money (e.g., cutting good staff food). What he did, however, was illegal and could have led to Bummer being fired from the hotel and criminally charged with theft and fraud if Mr. Ridgemount had figured out what happened.
  • Bummer also threw a party for his new cart.
  • It was stolen by Broseph, who was supposed to get a different cart.
  • It had two speeds, slow and stop, but Broseph floored it to get to a shortcut.



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